It Starts with
Quality Ingredients

Here at Doggie Beer Bones, we’ve got the good stuff. We hand make all of our treats from the highest quality ingredients: peanut butter, barley flour, eggs, and, most importantly, spent grain from your favorite craft breweries. (Of course, please be sure to check with your veterinarian first to find out if your dog has any allergies to any of these ingredients.) Our treats do NOT contain any potato flour, lentils, pea flour, wheat, soy, corn, hops, alcohol, additives, or preservatives, and are baked in a food-grade commercial kitchen for just the right amount of time, ensuring low moisture content and a delightful crunch.

How Our Treats are Made

Mashing the Barley

Before the Bone is born the brewing process begins by “mashing” malted barley in warm water. During this time, the starch in the barley is broken down and converted into fermentable sugars.

Spent Grain Separation

Next, these sugars are separated from the barley and drained into the boil kettle, where they will eventually become beer. At this point, the barley, being drained of its sugars, is now considered “spent grain” and is separated and removed from the brewing process.

Baking The Bones

Once relieved of its starchy, sugary goodness, this spent grain can now be baked into tasty little morsels. We collect the spent grain from breweries and bake it into dog treats in our FDA-approved commercial kitchen. Once baked, these treats are packaged by Partnerships With Industry and shipped to you.

Dog Tested, Owner Approved

Results are In!

Dogs love Doggie Beer Bones! As proud dog owners ourselves, we are personally vested in making a product guaranteed to keep their noses wet and tails wagging.  Take a look at each bag of Doggie Beer Bones, and you’ll see that we keep a close eye on the nutritional content of each treat through our NutriData analysis (Results listed below). Rest assured—when it comes to top-quality, we are “fur real!”

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